Nathan Rippey - Videographer & Photographer


Braxton and Nathan met for the first time in 2010. It did not take long to discover that as high school students, they both shared a passion for filmmaking. During this time, Nathan worked as the lead producer for Husky Vision - his schools news outlet, and Braxton served at his father’s church as a content creator for church promotions. Since that time, Braxton and Nathan have developed as filmmakers, traveling and working throughout the United States. Presently,  Nathan resides in Louisville, KY as a professional content creator for a health and wellness company. Braxton resides in St. Louis, MO managing a media studio for an organization headquarters. Both travel on the weekends for weddings and events.


Jon Schellhardt - Videographer & Photographer

Braxton and Jon attended bible college together and became friends while playing in the same music group for 2 years. Throughout that time a shared interest in all things creative became apparent. That and the addiction to the art of coffee. Today they both serve their churches in similar fashions while pursuing their creative interests. Jon works as a creative director and producer at his church in Toledo, OH while traveling on weekends for weddings and events. Jon also works at Indiana Bible College in the videography department as an instructor and was the producer of their live recording video for 2021.